Assemblyman Ken Cooley is running for the State Assembly to protect and strengthen our communities.

 As your representative in the State Capitol, Ken will prioritize:

Public Safety

The California Police Chiefs and firefighters support Ken because he is a strong ally and advocate for keeping our communities safe. He opposes defunding the police and has voted to increase penalties for perpetrators of domestic violence, organized theft and drug trafficking. 

Foster Care

Ken cares deeply about families in the foster care system and is a longtime champion and advocate for foster parents and foster youth. He has sponsored a multitude of bills during his time in the State Assembly to support foster families. He holds monthly roundtable meetings with advocates and stakeholders to ensure their voices are represented in Sacramento. 

Women’s Rights

Ken remembers a time when abortions were illegal, dangerous and inaccessible. He supports a woman’s right to choose and will keep fighting to make sure that California remains a place where a woman’s private healthcare decisions belong to them.

Tackle the Homeless Crisis

Ken is working to address the homelessness crisis in our communities. He supported millions in new funding to build more affordable housing and for additional mental health and substance abuse services. He also authored legislation to remove illegal campsites on the American River Parkway and ensure it’s safe for our community. 

Working Across the Aisle

Ken’s entire career in public service has been based around a few key principles: connecting, listening, and respect. 

He believes we are stronger when we treat those with whom we disagree with respect and actually listen to them. This is borne out by the fact that Ken has consistently earned the support of Republicans and Independents and is considered to be one of the most moderate and consensus-building legislators in the entire state.