Meet Ken Cooley

Serving eastern Sacramento County exclusively in the State Assembly since 2012, Ken has focused on creating jobs, holding government accountable, protecting our communities, and keeping Californians safe and prepared for natural disasters. 

Ken’s career in public service began in 2002 when he went door-to-door expressing his belief in Rancho Cordova’s future as a city.  Rancho Cordova, where he has lived since 1977, had been hard hit by 10 years of job loss after Mather Air Force Base’ 1993 closure. Embracing this vision, voters approved cityhood and put him on its new City Council for 10 years, including two terms as Mayor in 2005 and 2010. In the city’s first decade, Rancho Cordova grew back the Mather job losses – reaching its pre-closure job levels faster than McClellan – aided by more than a million square feet of new commercial office space.

In 2008, after just 5 years on the Rancho Cordova City Council, Ken was selected to serve as the 1st Vice President of the League of California Cities, a statewide leadership post. This step by the League’s Governing Board affirmed Ken’s good reputation for hard work and effectiveness with people.

He has carved out a strong reputation as a lawmaker who reads the bills he votes on, forms his own opinion of the policy changes they pose, and votes to reflect his conclusions. That method is the same legal and analytic skill set from Ken’s long law career that helped him shape Rancho Cordova into a well-managed, “All-America City,” balancing growth and housing with protecting open spaces and the American River.  

Ken and his wife Sydney have lived in Rancho Cordova for over 40 years. They have two sons and five grandchildren.