My wife and I have called this community home for 45 years. We raised our kids here and now get to watch our grandkids grow up here.

From almost 5 decades in Sacramento County, what we know is our service clubs, faith groups, police and fire, youth and sport groups and even local library and school staff and volunteers are active year round doing good. Lending a hand and building people up, that’s what marks community life here. Hate has never been a Sacramento value and is not welcome now.

Now I am being challenged by a member of the Proud Boys. A group that represents everything I am against.

I need your support. Let’s show the Proud Boys that we will unite to fight racism and hate!


Ken Cooley

Member, California State Assembly

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Ken Cooley is the former Mayor of Rancho Cordova who helped make the city safe. He helped make Rancho a job creator for the County.
In the State Assembly, Cooley has focused on the future - more investments in community colleges and preschool.

Willing to stand up and protect our communities by supporting efforts to keep criminals behind bars.
Being Mayor convinced Ken that hard work can overcome every barrier if people pull together; today that conviction has led him to take on cleaning up our county’s treasured American River Parkway.
“Hate is not welcome in Sacramento County.”
– Assemblymember Ken Cooley
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